Why Raising Children Is Fulfilling

by Michael Simmons on Mar 16, 2010

This weekend I was at a seminar, and I randomly ended up sitting next to a student who had attended one of my talks two years ago. During my talk, I did an exercise where I connected people who could help each other. During dinner, he thanked me and told me he found his business partner that he still works with today during that session! Wow!!!! Amazing!!!!!

It meant a lot to hear that. It is nice to hear that one’s actions are making a difference.

The reality of speaking is that the impact is intangible and most people won’t track you down to share the impact you’ve had. In many ways, one must act on faith beyond simply measuring the audience’s initial reactions and people who come up to you at the end of the talk.

Raising a child is different. You’re with that child every single day for hours at a time. You see the little changes. You see him/her mimicking your actions. Your child literally would not be able to survive without you. Even if Halle were never to see me again, there would be a sense of fulfillment knowing that I helped make her life possible and was her care taker.

It is fascinating to observe my thoughts on family and career transform.


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