Thought Experiment: How would I have to live my life in order to be remembered for thousands of years?

by Michael Simmons on Feb 9, 2010

  1. I would have to not settle for the expectations of others as a way to gage success in my life. I must go far beyond what I or anybody else thinks is possible.
  2. I must respect the body’s need for relaxation while drastically increasing the intensity of my ‘on’ time.
  3. I MUST have butterflies every single day for what I have to do. Every single day, I must confront internal resistances that say I should vedge out, stay safe doing what is comfortable, etc.
  4. I MUST use every single moment to make the best decision. Every SINGLE decision is huge.
  5. I MUST not harbor any judgments of others…

As I’m writing this, I just realized that the individual list items are NOT most important.

Here’s what I see very clearly now…

Looking at the list above, I see that I’m using the word MUST repeatedly and capitalizing it repeatedly. That’s just it. Everything that I know is important is now a MUST.

There is no thinking about it. There is only doing.


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