Think Big

by Michael Simmons on Jun 27, 2010

It’s possible!!

I am literally constantly humbled. Being the co-founder of the tour, I’m constantly surrounded by people who have done more in their life in different areas than I have, most of them at a younger age.

I remember when I was in college and just starting to meet people outside of where I grew up. It was actually debilitating to learn about entrepreneurs more successful than I was. It challenged my self image, made me feel jealous, resulted in a long overnight work spurts to compensate, and sometimes made me knock down someone else’s accomplishments so I could feel better about myself. It’s not pretty. It’s not something I’m proud about, but it’s the truth, and it’s how the ego works.

However, there comes a point, when you realize that there are just so many amazing people in this world who have lived, who live now, and who will live – that comparison becomes irrelevant and almost silly. Everyone has played life’s roulette when it comes to who their parents were, where they grew up, and how they were exposed to life’s circumstances. We can’t change that stuff. So much is out of our control.

Most likely, we will all die. We will all be equally humbled by life.

In the end, we must live our own journey, and compete against who were yesterday, no who someone else was. We must ask ourselves what we did today to take full advantage of the potential we were given.

We must look at the accomplishments of others as inspiration for what we too can do and be.

So, today, think bigger than you ever have! It’s possible. The proof is all around us.


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