The Secret that Young Entrepreneurs Want to Share with the World

by Michael Simmons on Nov 4, 2010

As the co-founder of the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour (, I’ve had the opportunity to personally meet hundreds of young entrepreneurs in their teens and twenties making very good livings and changing the world. I know of thousands more who I haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet.

They’ve told me a secret that’s not widely known.

Here it is:

We are not an anomaly.

We are a sign of things to come.

Any success we’ve had is replicable and therefore teachable.

We’re successful because we started young and had years of deliberate practice running our own business before we hit it big.

We’re possible NOW at such a young age and in such large numbers because rapidly evolving technology has democratized starting a business for people who don’t have money or a network.

Our mindset is the solution to what most people in America care about: JOBS!

Small businesses create 2/3 of jobs.

To build an entrepreneurial country, we need to teach entrepreneurship to young people as early as we can.

In the same way we groom athletes and musicians from a young age with deliberate practice so too can we groom tomorrow’s job creators.


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