The Elusive Search For The Meaning Of Life

by Michael Simmons on Jul 20, 2014

Many people are comfortable taking life as it is and living day-by-day.

My blessing and curse is that over my adult life, I’ve constantly searched for underlying meaning.

I’ve prayed on my knees to be shown a path that I could pour every fiber of my being into.

I’ve pursued my journey full-heartedly making the best decisions I could in each moment.

What I’m left with is this. There is no one right answer.

I’m left with life. I’m left with being a human.

I’ve found beauty in that.

I’ve found beauty & meaning in the vacillation between meaning and no meaning, between definiteness of purpose and mystery.

I’ve found meaning in waking up in the same bed with my wife and two children. I’ve found beauty in trying times that forced me to grow and look at the world in new ways. I’ve had connection in deep conversation with others and self-expression. I’ve found purpose around aiming to have a positive impact as entrepreneur. I’ve found purpose in spirituality.

These have all been expressions of what it means to be human.

My path hasn’t been one straight path toward one definite end even though this is what is often celebrated in culture and narrative.

It hasn’t been one hero’s journey. It has been a thousand, overlapping journeys.

Sometimes in searching for the answer, we forget that we are already living it.


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