On Being a New Parent (Again)

by Michael Simmons on Nov 11, 2010

Alright, I’ve just entered a new phase of my life with a second child.

I’m really excited about it.

I’m now a big believer that life has its seasons. Each season makes energy flow in a certain direction. I notice things are more in harmony when I go with that energy.

If I had to look back from 20 years in the future and give this season a title, I would call it: BUILDING. This is probably closest to the end of winter.

I’m building a family and building my first real business. I think I’ll be looking back at this period of life with nostalgia at the children being so young, and I’ll appreciate all of the time I spent with them. I will also appreciate all the hard work I put into the business so I could enjoy the growth financially and personally along with the impact in the future.

I appreciate being in situations where I MUST change for the better. Maybe, other people can change more easily, but I find I operate best (metaphorically) when I have a gun to my head and the person holding it says, “Dance!” There is something to be said for taking away all your options except the best ones.

During winter, things die or go into hibernation. I’m going to need to say no to parts of myself and things I do, which I previously allowed. This is not easily, but it is good.


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