My Vision for My Life

by Michael Simmons on Feb 13, 2010

I picture my life becoming exponentially more rewarding, loving, challenging, and more peaceful than it is now.

I picture truly living every moment. By that, I mean constantly having my actions be in harmony with what I know is best and what my soul says is best.

I picture constantly setting a new standard for myself that scares me (ie – Oh my God, how can I replicate this XYZ over and over? That is going to be challenging!)

I picture the distance between realizing my own limitations and courageously confronting them shrinking. In that sense, I picture the realization of my limitations as joyous, because it also means their dissolution.

I am aware that I have not chosen an easy life.

It will often mean doing the EXACT opposite of what I feel like doing.

When I experience a challenge, it will mean confronting it.

It will mean looking under the rug in every area of my life constantly even when I don’t won’t to.

It will mean swallowing my pride, ego, and overall desire to be “right”.

I feel that I am being drawn to something with incredible gravity.

Oddly, the closer to it, the infinitely stronger it becomes and the more rapid the pace.

It will mean eating what I know will give me energy when others are eating what won’t.

This vision of life has not been changing for me over the past 10 years. It has only become more clear.

I am thankful for the vision which I see.

I am grateful that I know that I have the ability to realize it.

I pray for the courage to walk this razor’s edge in life every single moment.

What happens to me is irrelevant. It is who I am when it happens that is the work of my life.


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