My Life Is Not Currently On a Path That Will NOT Completely Fulfill Me

by Michael Simmons on Jul 27, 2009

If I follow the current path I am on, I will have a great life by most people’s standards, but not my own.

I will have a loving family & network of friendships, be a millionaire, be well-respected, and potentially have a positive impact on millions of people’s lives. I will be healthy compared to others, because I eat well and workout. I will be well-developed as a business person because of constant learning and effort. I will be well-developed as a person because of daily meditation, reflection, and overall commitment to growth.

But, at a core level, the quality of one’s life is not determined by what one accomplishes or even by who one surrounds oneself with.

It is determined by who one becomes. It is who one becomes that determines everything else, not the other way around.

I don’t need to spend my whole life following the dreams I had when I was young to learn that I didn’t actually need or want what I was searching for (see the movie, Up). I don’t need to earn a billion dollars to learn what I could learn by having a fraction of that. I don’t need to be a celebrity to ‘get’ that being a celebrity for its own sake is not a good thing.

Here’s what I know I must radically change and surrender NOW to have the life that I know I can:

  • the concept of being right or wrong (in my marriage especially).
  • the desire to be ‘better’ than others.
  • the desire to get ahead of others.
  • the desire to be liked and accepted by everyone.
  • the concept that my thoughts and emotions depict the ‘real’ world.
  • Judgement of my and other people’s physical appearance.
  • The concept that I gain anything at a core level beyond my basic needs from other people or outside events.


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