My Idealist View on My Own Potential

by Michael Simmons on Apr 22, 2009

I believe that it is possible for me to transform every single experience (not necessarily every sensation) into one that is immediately empowering and that I’m appreciative for.

I believe that this is possible through intensive & rigorous focus on controlling my thoughts…just like I’ve done as an entrepreneur.

I plan to achieve this through building a routine of two hours of daily meditation and transforming my life into a waking meditation where I constantly and patiently pull myself back to appreciation & perspective. I also plan to do this by continuing to surround myself with like-minded people in in-person and in books, seminars, videos, etc.

I believe that following this process is its own reward regardless of whether or not the ‘end goal’ is achieved.

I believe that this is worthy of being my life’s work, because of the fulfillment it will bring to me and those around me personally and professionally, and therefore the difference it will make in the world.

Self-confidence rises as one realizes that work, relationships, hedonism, wealth, celebrity, influence over others, alone, won’t give us the experience of life we’re looking for.

Interestingly, I’ve observed many of these grow as I value them less. I don’t fully understand this yet. Perhaps, it is just momentum.

I believe that the experience of life that we’re all looking for is equally available to us all.

I’m exploring the idea that the best way to be of service to this world is by who we become, not just what we do.

Ironically, I believe that walking this road to appreciation is incredibly and increasingly difficult.

It requires us to forgive the world, ourselves and everybody 100% despite our own intermittent feelings of rage, jealousy, anger, resentment, sadness, fear, guilt, negativity, apathy, etc.

Written down, these emotions seem innocuous, but in the present moment, when they consume us, letting them dissolve away or ignoring them seems impossible.

I share these beliefs to make them more real for me & to align with more people who feel the same way.

I have so, so far to walk on this journey.

I’m excited for it.

Let’s do it!!


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