My Greatest Gift To This World Is Inspiration

by Michael Simmons on Dec 19, 2009

My greatest gift to this world is inspiration.

My greatest gift from the world is that I experience it.

Inspiration is proudly ignorant. It is ignorant to the world of reality, science, and past experience.

One pure moment of inspiration can make all of our past experiences irrelevant.

Inspiration makes me believe anything is possible. When I was a child, I believed I could fly. I wanted to fly. Then it was to be #1 in the world in tennis. Then it was to be a billionaire entrepreneur making a huge impact on the world. Now, it is personal growth taken to enlightenment.

Regardless of changing targets, inspiration has and always will be the source of the journey. The same exact feeling of inspiration I had when I was a child is the same exact feeling I have now.

I may not know where to go or how to get there in life, but I know in my bones, in my heart, that inspiration is my core. I trust it. It feels more real than my senses.

Although I may not experience inspiration in every moment, the comparatively few moments that has visited me in this life, have given me the faith to move forward, to keep the dream alive, always.


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