It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

by Michael Simmons on Mar 2, 2013

When we decide to make changes in our life, it often gets worse before it gets better.

The bigger the change, the worse it gets at first.

Newness leads to vulnerability and loss of comfort.

Our closest friends may become our biggest road blocks. Feelings may be hurt.

When we stop working after months of going beyond your body’s limits, that’s when we get sick.

When we try to apologize for something wrong we did, that’s when the person we hurt feels the space to share their pain until the forgiveness is complete.

When we stop an addiction, that’s when we experience withdrawal.

What feels like things getting worse, can sometimes be the exact turning point where things start to get better.

In the Power of Habit (, an important concept is the INFLECTION POINT. This is the point in a new habit where it is most likely to get derailed. It turns out that identifying inflection points and having a strategy in advance, dramatically increases your adherence to the new habit.

Knowing the contours of the path in advance helps us walk it.


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