I Recommit to Life

by Michael Simmons on Feb 13, 2012

I fell into temptation this last year.

I focused too much on illusory goals that I ultimately knew would not give me what I was looking for in this life.

There comes a point in the study of success, when you know you have mastered the principles enough to get to a point that society would call successful if you simply continue to follow the road you’re on and ride the momentum.

It is tempting to follow that direct path in order to potentially gain the respect and approval of others.

I now know that the cost of pursuing that path is ultimately losing respect for one’s self.

I know that the goals I would like to pursue in this life are not directly visible by anybody but myself.

In order to attain the goals in anyway, I now realize that I must sacrifice external approval of others at different points. That is scary for me. I thought that both could be pursued simultaneously, but ultimately, I think one must make choices.

I pray for the courage, integrity, and focus to consistently stay on the path that my soul demands.


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