I Heart Challenges

by Michael Simmons on Oct 18, 2009

I have dedicated my life to leading by example, which means a one-pointed focus on personal growth.

The natural consequence of this is that challenges must be celebrated.

Challenges are signals for necessary changes and motivation for action.

Every time a challenge comes up that would normally get the better of us, we have a new opportunity to be bigger than it.

At this point in my life, I don’t enjoy the feeling of challenges, but I appreciate that they are my choice.

Success in this endeavor is like rent with collection due every moment.

The content of this journey is irrelevant. My reactions to that content are my journey.

I have just come off of two weeks of intensive traveling where I’ve essentially gone full steam from wake up to sleep. I leave on Tuesday again. The next four weeks will be no different.

I can feel my body resisting the travel, AND I am ready for the challenge and growth. I feel that I have no choice, but to be my best. Lack of choice in this case is a good thing.


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I'm the co-founder of Empact, one of the leading entrepreneurship education organizations in the world. I'm obsessed with understanding how we all can lead meaningful lives that have a positive social impact. I love probing into the truth of how we experience life. I believe that challenges are what make us grow the most, and I openly share my experiences. Continue reading…