I Am Inspired! Here’s What I Think in That State!

by Michael Simmons on Oct 31, 2009

There is no such thing as good or bad ‘events’, beyond our labels of them.

In fact, personal growth and business opportunities directly come from what other people label as problems.

The experience of spiritual/emotional/mental pain is the most prevalent and BEST teacher in the world.

For it to be your teacher rather than your enemy, you must:

  1. Accept EVERY moment as it happens.
  2. If you don’t see something you appreciate or can learn from, then, on FAITH, say THANK YOU and pray for the clarity to see what you are missing.
  3. Be able to physically sit with your pain and just let go rather than immediately reacting and doing whatever comes to your mind. Reactions based on pain are generally not logical or productive. The longer you’re able to sit, the more you’ll:
    • Understand the core of what was causing you the pain.
    • Realize that pain, itself, is transitory and goes away on its own when you don’t resist it.
  4. Accept that learning to follow the steps above is a self-rewarding process that takes a life-time, because our body already has millions of automatic / unconscious programs running after years of training. Therefore, when off the path, forgive and recommit yourself immediately.

Everyone has equal access to this incredible teacher and can reap the rewards of its lessons.

Appreciation is independent of ‘outside events’ and leads to many of the outcomes that many people search for as THE solution (money, incredible relationships, etc.). Appreciation attracts others who are like-minded, thus reinforcing and amplifying it. Also, people who are happy are more productive and healthy, which leads to money.

What we perceive to happen in the moment is irrelevant. Everything springs from how we react to each moment.


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