How We Build Relationships Online Will Make Or Break Us All

by Michael Simmons on Aug 21, 2014

I’d like to share a big decision that I made a few months ago…

I shifted my writing focus to building authentic relationships ONLINE.

Building relationships online is such a fascinating and CRITICAL topic that I think we should all care about.

Here’s what personally gets me passionate enough to devote so much time on it:

It’s new phenomenon in society that’s evolving rapidly, and there are a lot of mixed opinions on whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.

A lot has been written about content marketing and turning people into customers. But, surprisingly very little has been written about how to build authentic relationships online.

This is a shame…

In a world where we’re making decisions online about who we hook up with (Grindr), marry (eHarmony), work with (LinkedIn) or build a relationship with (Facebook), the topic of online relationship building is critical now and only will be more so in the future. I’ve written about this shift on Forbes at and

Yesterday, I published an article that I’d love for you to read if you haven’t already. It will only take a few minutes.

Here’s the premise:

In 1964, famous media critic, Marshall Mcluhan, coined a phrase that is just as relevant today as it was when it was shared 50 years ago: “The Medium Is The Message.”

What McLuhan meant was that the way content is delivered is actually more impactful than the content itself. However, we generally notice the impact of the content and ignore the impact of the medium.

Much has been written about social media’s impact on our attention, happiness, and our existing relationships.

However, all of these articles miss one big thing.

The broadcast era created celebrities out of musicians, actors, tv and personalities. The social media era turns us all into microcelebrities.

In the article, I explain why we’re now microcelebrities and what to do about it.

You can read it at

What do you think are the biggest implications of our society increasingly building relationships online?


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