Books Are One of the Best Mentors You Can Have

by Michael Simmons on Jun 19, 2010

What is the lowest cost way to quickly get great mentorship guaranteed?


On, you can buy the best books the human race has ever known on any topic, for between $.03 and $30. Or you can pick it up for free at the public library if its a classic.

There are three types of books that I personally find great for personal growth and success:

  1. Autobiographies
  2. Self-development
  3. How-to

Autobiographies provide a step-by-step recounting of someone else’s journey in their own words. It really helps you get beyond what the media says about them and understand their worldview. Self-development books provide general principles for success based on research and/or personal experience. Finally, how-to books provide step-by-step advice on a how to accomplish a specific goal.

It’s too bad there is a stigma against books among young people. The real stigma is being forced to read books one doesn’t enjoy or benefit from by well-intentioned schools and parents.

We can’t control where we are born and who our parents are. Some of us are lucky and exposed to principles growing up that will have us be successful. Unfortunately, others are never exposed to these principles by parents or community. For these individuals, the right books (in-print or audio) are a second chance.


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