5 Empowering Beliefs To Remind Yourself of Daily

by Michael Simmons on Aug 26, 2009

We have the ability to be ecstatically appreciative of every moment as it happens regardless of what occurs.

We have ability to condition ourselves to respond to our environment in any way.

We all know this intuitively.

How else would it be possible for people (including ourselves at different stages in our life) to have completely different responses to the same stimulus? How is it that some people have phobias of snakes and others can’t get enough of them and choose to study them?

We don’t need to get sucked into the trap of waiting for future events until we can fully appreciate life. If we do this, we’re conditioning ourselves to NOT appreciate what happens now. Therefore, when the future event happens, we’re not even going to be able to appreciate it fully, because we’ve conditioned ourselves not to.

I personally have found the following beliefs to be inspiring…

  1. There are no such things as ‘negative’ events.
  2. What others call negative events are actually huge opportunities to learn and grow.
  3. If we don’t immediately see the opportunity from a ‘negative’ event, we must have faith that there are incredible unseen benefits.
  4. Now is where it’s at. The outside world isn’t going to be different than it is now. I will have the same senses of touch, taste, smell, vision, and hearing. What matters is how I react to what I sense.
  5. Any perceived challenge is a HUGE gift. It is a signal that something needs our attention and is ready to be changed.


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